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FOSDEM is kept free as in beer also by the community helping out, please help us by volunteering --

Happy and peaceful new year everyone! 2023 is the year of the 🐇.

I'll be back at work on Monday, 23rd. They say a change of scenery might do you the power of good and that's what it most certainly did.
Still a bit jet-lagged but east to west seems to be a lot easier then the other way round. /thum

We're closed for the holidays and will be back on 23 January 2023🎄 🎇

The "Respects Your Freedom" certification program encourages the creation and sale of hardware that will do as much as possible to respect your freedom and your privacy, and will ensure that you have control over your device.

What does every computer need? Stickers! Treat your computer well while showing your support with these sticker packs in the #GNUPress shop:

@paulgatling i have bought the machine at @vikings with their standard case. (phanteks entoo pro 2)

The noise level of my config is almost zero, once booted.
Obviously depends on cpu config, extensions, drives and load.

Power draw according to the bmc in the machine is between 50W and 100W depending on load. Typically around 65W in normal use

Looking for a slighty-vintage but libre-friendly, FSF RYF-certified and cheap laptop that makes you stand out? We recently updated our Thinkpad X200 offer and reduced the price massively:

Our instance is not an instance where you can sign up a guest account. Perhaps we will change this in the distant future. Stay tuned.

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We recently announced that we won't post on any more.⚰️

We've been running our own instance in parallel, with a brief interruption (where all posts were deleted), for a few years now. Before that we ran GNU Social, which we abandoned in favor of Mastodon, and for a while before that we had a GNU Social guest account on the defunct

Let's hope that the newfound popularity of Mastodon will improve some parts I don't like. The update process for instance. /thum

» Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them. «
—Frank Herbert, Dune

The Vikings Store ships each order with free software stickers. Some new ones have just arrived fresh from the USA!

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

@fsf I couldn't find FSF coffee mugs and glassware in your shop - recently broke my FSFE cup which I wanted to replace with one minus the "E" 🙂 Consider selling some?

3mdeb is working on getting KGPE-D16/D8 support back into Coreboot, to bring new features and fixes. (Read These motherboards run almost all of the FSF's infrastructure and can run an entirely free bios with LibreBoot or a free CoreBoot build. @3mdeb_com

Wondering if the glue would become softer if the CPU was heated before attempting to lift the spreader.

How much heat can the CPU withstand before joining Valhalla?

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CPU heat spreader removed.

CPU was destroyed in the process. Removal of said heat spreader is probably straightforward if you can guarantee a max. depth of cut.

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