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A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

@fsf I couldn't find FSF coffee mugs and glassware in your shop - recently broke my FSFE cup which I wanted to replace with one minus the "E" 🙂 Consider selling some?

3mdeb is working on getting KGPE-D16/D8 support back into Coreboot, to bring new features and fixes. (Read These motherboards run almost all of the FSF's infrastructure and can run an entirely free bios with LibreBoot or a free CoreBoot build. @3mdeb_com

Wondering if the glue would become softer if the CPU was heated before attempting to lift the spreader.

How much heat can the CPU withstand before joining Valhalla?

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CPU heat spreader removed.

CPU was destroyed in the process. Removal of said heat spreader is probably straightforward if you can guarantee a max. depth of cut.

Don't be the guy who doesn't write a product review after making a purchase/testing our services/products (it only takes 1 minute). You're helping a small free software company build a good track record and making it easier for others to make buying decisions. /thum

Many thanks to Vikings @vikings for donating prizes a server to help us run the conference successfully! #LibrePlanet 2022!

Vikings 🌌 🌐's choices:

Vikings Micronews

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