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We've been our offices from Frankfurt to the past days. Shelves are neatly sorted again and we're now beginning to reducing the email and order backlog. Thanks to everyone who helped!
Picture shows throne of Charlemagne

Time really flies. "As of 2018, Reiser is housed at the Correctional Training Facility near Soledad, California, with a tentative parole eligibility date of January 2020." []

I'm not saying no to challenges, the contrary is the case. I love things that are complicated. That being said can't afford that 1% of the customers require 90% of the time available and only make 0.05% of the revenue. /thum

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I've seen a spike in orders over the last weeks. I appreciate that new business a lot! If you're someone who feels entitled and *demands* to be taken by the hand for basic information that's present on the store website *already*, please look elsewhere though. /thum

RT: Today also marks the launch of the new POWER9 v2 devices on our Web store! These updated, socket-compatible CPUs provide the new Ultravisor mode, hardware watchpoint support, and even increase speed (results will vary based on workload). Check them out at

RT: Our product line is now officially certified by the @fsf
to meet the strict Respects Your Freedom program requirements! This is a major milestone for secure, owner-controlled computing, and marks the only modern mainboard to receive RYF certification this decade.

The is to clarify whether data retention (abolished in 2017) violates EU law. This means that providers will still not have to store any data about their customers. Germ. is one of the safest countries nevertheless. So why bother? Because of the IV Merkel cabinet...

Valuing a person for their most exceptional contributions in their area of expertise doesn't mean that you have to like every aspect of their existence. Standing by them when they make a mistake is called "loyalty". Ever heard of that?

Our D8 Workstation, a fully libre-friendly and FSF RYF certified computer is now availabe at a massive discount, starting at only EUR 699 (~USD 770, ~GBP 635). Only for a short time!

Is 'apt dull-upgrade' a typo after upgrading more than one hundred machines? 🤪 . Anyways, the team did a hell of a job there! My absolute /thum

Everyone seeing me talking to the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police at : They didn't question me ;) we were talking about the local police participating in RIPE working groups (which generally is a good thing and a democratic process) /thum

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EU citizen and unhappy about how things are developing in the ? You're certainly not alone. So how about you stop your whining and go fucking vote this time! 23 - 26 May 2019🗳️

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