We're currently working on rolling out on top of and plan a data center move for mid-Dec. We're also working on rolling out our new , getting the @RaptorCompSys line ready for launch. It may take longer than usual to answer new inquiries at the moment.

Adverse circumstances didn't make this a walk in the park but our new location is finally set up (both workshop and data center). 2021 can come! First things first though, we still have to deal with orders from the year whose name must not be spoken aloud 🧙‍♀️ /thum

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@vikings I think I didn't understand properly what you said. Does that mean hosting will be available mid december?

@inigoortega @vikings Apparently not. Their website still says: “Pre-order now and get a 15% discount!” It feels like it has been saying that forever, and there have never been any updates on their website. Even if they eventually launch this service, why would we trust it?

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