Vikings is now on Libera.Chat. You can meet us there at with your favorite IRC client or visit to join our channel.

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📣 NEWS! Top French Court gives French government six months to re-write data retention rules in compliance with EU human rights standards....

Vikings continues to support the dedicated employees of the @FSF and fully agrees with the FSF's mission statement.

Adverse circumstances didn't make this a walk in the park but our new location is finally set up (both workshop and data center). 2021 can come! First things first though, we still have to deal with orders from the year whose name must not be spoken aloud 🧙‍♀️ /thum

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We're currently working on rolling out on top of and plan a data center move for mid-Dec. We're also working on rolling out our new , getting the @RaptorCompSys line ready for launch. It may take longer than usual to answer new inquiries at the moment.

An initial order of @RaptorCompSys
products for the Vikings Store has been placed minutes ago! and is coming to Europe soon, as single items and ready-to-go workstations/servers. Check here for an update soon™. /thum

Standing with the people of , yet again. 🇫🇷

We'd like to give a shoutout to UPS who, despite us being a very small fish among their customers, provide *exceptional* services and customer care to our customers and The Vikings Store ( /thum

We've temporarily suspended shipping via and continue to ship via (DHL decided to charge additional fees for deliveries to the U.S. and has introduced size restrictions for shipments to France).

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Vikings remains unaffected by . This is also valid for The Vikings Store; though there may be some delays regarding deliveries in certain regions. Delivery to parcel shops aren't recommended (most are closed, world-wide). If the status changes, we'll update here.

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On that note, I recommend to not watch TV coverage of Coronavirus. Watching the repetitive coverage of something frightening can interfere with clear thinking, even traumatize. There are better ways of staying informed. /thum

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Good news for all late risers: it actually starts at 13:30 UTC (9:30 EDT)

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To everyone interested in all things libre and much more: "Free the Future" is held 100% online this year and starts today at 13:00 UTC (9:00 EDT). Check it out!

Vikings services as well as The Vikings store are currently NOT AFFECTED by and we continue to provide you with our services. /thum

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